AIDOT, won the 'Gangwon Techno Park Director Award'.

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Date 2022-12-26

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The head of Business planning headquarters of AIDOT, Lim Yoon-jae (far right) is taking a commemorative photo after receiving the Gangwon Technopark Director Award.

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On 16th of December 2022, AIDOT (CEO Jae-hoon Jeong) announced that 'AIDOT won the 26th Gangwon Technopark Director Award' on December 16, 2022.


AIDOT was recognized for its active contribution to job creation by developing medical artificial intelligence (AI) products, strengthening the overseas competitiveness of domestic 

artificial intelligence technology through steady growth in corporation and export, pioneering overseas markets, and promoting the establishment of a branch in Gangwon-do.


AIDOT is currently carrying out a task under the research theme of 'Development and demonstration of AI solution for diagnosis and prediction of chronic alcoholic liver disease', and 

is preparing to commercialize the service by establishing a branch in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do.


This solution can be used for early diagnosis of chronic alcoholic liver disease such as fatty liver, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, and suspected liver cancer through patient stool. In the case of the existing chronic alcoholic liver disease examination method, the invasive method can cause pain and side effects, and the non-invasive method using CT/MRI also costs up to 

500,000 won and takes a long time. There was also a limitation that the sensitivity and specificity of the fit were low. However, the AI solution for chronic alcoholic liver disease 

diagnosis prediction developed by AIDOT does not require a liver biopsy, enabling diagnosis without pain, and diagnosing the disease simply without additional tests such as CT and 

MRI at 

primary to tertiary hospitals. .


The PIC of AIDOT said that “We wanted to develop an innovative product that is more advantageous than existing methods in terms of safety, reliability, and cost by simply predicting 

chronic alcoholic liver disease with a non-invasive test (stool test) using AI technology.” 


He also said, "For the commercialization of this service, we will start commercialization of the provision of information on colon microorganisms, and will find buyers through steady 

participation in overseas exhibitions to commercialize the service around the world." It is predicted that full-fledged service will be available from the point of completion of 

development due to its demand.”


Meanwhile, on 6th of December, AIDOT completed the registration of the cervical cancer screening system 'Cerviray' for approval by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam. It is also 

accelerating the continued commercialization of its product portfolio to advance into overseas markets, such as receiving approval for a clinical trial plan from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.


Overview of AIDOT Inc.


Since its foundation in June 2014, AIDOT has been recognized for its technological prowess, including being selected for KIC China and various government projects. In addition, an 

artificial intelligence-based reading system combining carotid ultrasound and genomic information was jointly developed with Hallym University Chuncheon Sacred Heart Hospital's 

Department of Neurosurgery, and a digestive AI diagnosis system that integrated gastroscopy, capsule endoscopy, and colonoscopy was also completed.



Newswire / 26th.Dec.2022

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