04.Patent registration for "Urinary Stone Diagnosis System" completed
04.Cerviray AI'Cervical Cancer Automated Diagnostic System' has been granted a patent in US.
01.Complete US patent registration for Cerviray


11.Participating RSNA 2023
11.Gastroscopy Artificial Intelligence Software approved as “KFDA Class 3” by the Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.
08.Cerviray AI'Cervical Cancer Automated Diagnostic System' has been granted a patent in Indonesia.
08.Cerviray AI'Cervical Cancer Automated Diagnostic System' has been granted a patent in Japan.
07.Cerviray AI 'Deep Learning System' has completed Chinese patent registration
07.Cerviray registered with the Bolivian Ministry of Health.
06.Microbiome-Based Disease Diagnosis AI Solution Patent Registered.
05.Wins Prime Minister's Award At Medical Device Day Event
05.Acquired GMP certification for in vitro diagnostic medical devices
04.Selected as a high-growth company in ‘2023 SW High-Growth Club’
03.Participated in Mongolia '1st ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE in Healthcare' forum
02.Academic presentation of Cerviray at BCCOG 2023 in Indonesia
01.Gastroscopy AI solution entered the Japanese market
01.Cerviray U.S. FDA 510K Class2 license registration completed in 2023


12.Awarded <2022 Gangwon Special Regulatory Freedom Zone Biz Partnering>'s Gangwon Special Zone Director Prize
12.Cerviray registered in MOH of Vietnam
11.Approval of carotid ultrasound diagnostic system clinical trial plan.
10.Introduction of Cerviray and export order of $30,000 at Mongolia International Exhibition.
09.Gastroscopy AI solution approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety's clinical trial plan
08.Cerviray registered with the Indonesian Public Procurement Service
08.Cerviray launches domestic service
08.Cerviray launches Indonesian service
06.Cerviray, Artificial Intelligence Software for Cervical Cancer Diagnosis, "KFDA Class III" approved by the Korean Food and Drug Administration
05.Signed contract with GSG Group in Uzbekistan for Cerviray.
05.Cerviray registered in MOH of Uzbekistan (Colposcope)
05.Registered patent of carotid artery ultrasound diagnosis system
05.Participated in AI precision medical solution 'Dr. Answer 2.0' s development project
04.Participated in the project of establishing big data specialized for critically ill patients and developing AI-based CDSS by the Korea Health Industry Development Institute
04.KIAT - Selected as the finalist to carry out the cross-interagency type's state-run project for technology commercialization
04.Selected as the finalist to carry out the national project to support the commercialization of fundamental R&D business by the National Research Foundation of Korea and the Ministry of Science and Technology
04.Registered patent of deep learning system for cervical cancer
03.Published Cerviray research paper on SCI-class international academic journal
02.Patent registration for brain aneurysm rupture prediction system
01.Selected to carry out innovative business promotion project in the Special Regulatory Free Zone by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups and the Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology
01.The registration of Cerviray, Indonesia MOH Registration (AI, Colposcope) has completed


12.Participation in 'Valcolp Forum', a WHO-affiliated project
11.Selected as one of the top 100 national R&D excellence in 2021
10.ITC (International Trade Council) - 1st place in Med Tech category at 'Go Global Awards 2021'
10.Registered a domestic patent for 'Cervical Cancer Automatic Diagnosis System'
09.Concluded a contract with Korea Investment & Securities Co., Ltd. to host KOSDAQ listing
08.Attracted $3M of Series A investment from Korea Investment & Securities and FIND Value Asset Management
07.Selected as a support company for AI convergence medical image reading system
07.Concluded an exclusive domestic supply contract on Cerviray wirh KCL medical foundation
07.Cerviray 3rd grade medical image detection software approved for clinical trial plan
07.Selected as a business operator of the special regulation free zone for precision medicine in Gangwon
06.Registered patent for 'Cervical Image Acquisition Device'
05.Registered patent for ‘Ultrasound Diagnosis System’
05.Final selection of 'Innovative company representative 1000'
05.Final selection for Global Accelerating support project by the Ministry of SMEs
04.NIPA - Final selection for New Southern & New Northern Project
04.KIAT - Final selection as a national project for inter-ministerial technology commercialization
04.NIPA - Final selection of AI convergence medical image reading system national project
03.Final selection as a user evaluation support project for new domestic medical devices by the Health Industry Promotion Agency
02.Signed a supply contract of million for 3 years with CerviQ in the Philippines


12.Selected as a promising export small and medium business in the second half of 2020
12.Awarded the 2020 SW High Growth by Minister of Science and Technology Information
12.Acquired ISO13485 certification
12.Received a commendation from the Ministry of SMEs
11.Received the Excellence Award at the 7th Korea SW Product Quality Awards
11.Awarded the Smart Korea Grand Prize by the CEO of Technology Guarantee Fund
10.1st prize in IR road show in Dalian Northeast Asia Innovation Forum, China
08.Established of a JV company in Shenzhen, China
08.Acquired KGMP level 3 certification (Seoul Regional Food and Drug Administration)
07.Registered design patent for 'Colposcopy'
07.CIO Advisor Selection for Top Hottest Artificial Intelligence
07.Selected as a big data technology development project by the Ministry of SMEs
06.Seoul City + Investment Seoul selection for “Top 300 Promising Companies”
06.Selected as an overseas certification suitable product technology development project by the Ministry of SMEs
05.Signed contract with Snet System China
05.Selected as Seoul_VC_Connect investment attraction company
05.Selected as IITP global SW specialized company development project
05.Selected as SW Preliminary High Growth Club
02.Cerviray AI software acquired KFDA level 3 certification for export (medical image diagnosis assistance software)
01.Completed approval for medical device manufacturing by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety


11.Completion of approval for medical device import by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
11.Digital colposcope acquired KFDA certification
10.Cerviray A.I. Patent registration decision
09.Final selection for Seoul City AI technology commercialization project
05.Final selection of TIPA start-up growth technology development research project - Brain aneurysm bleeding prediction system using A.I.
05.Final selection for NIPA national research project - Development of an intelligent stroke reading system using AI with genome and a portable carotid ultrasound device set
03.Chuncheon Sacred Heart Hospital Neurosurgery – Strategic alliance for AI brain disease in China (joint thesis presentation and joint commercialization in China)
01.Initial clinical trial conducted at Suji Hospital in Beijing, China
01.Signed an MOU to supply Buzzpole solutions to 60 chain branches obstetrics and gynecology clinics in China
01.Increased capital of 10 million yuan in Beijing Buzzpole (100% subsidiary)
01.Completed digital colposcope hardware prototype


12.Increase of capital $300,000
10.Korea-Canada international joint research project final selection: Quantum computer-based AI technology alliance
10.IITP national research project final selection (development of AI engine for cervical cancer diagnosis based on big data reflecting expert clinical knowledge and development of cervical magnification device)
09.Established JV in Changsha, Hunan Province, China
08.Completed the main contract with the Zhongze(中泽) Group, China
07.Signed a LOI for investment of $3M with Zhongze(中泽) Group, China (Changsha, Hunan Province)
02.Registered as a care company at Incheon Creative Economy Innovation Center
02.Increased capital ($300,000)
01.Awarded the Korea Newspaper Brand Award in the medical category


12.Received a commendation from the Minister of Science and ICT
08.Consigned joint research contract with Seoul National Univ. Bundang Hospital
05.Established Buzzpole Beijing Corporation
05.Selected as Startup Growth Project by Ministry of SMEs: Deep Learning-based Cervical Cancer Medical Image Reading Solution
05.Selected as China membership by Incheon Creative Economy Innovation Center
05.Selected for an overseas localization support project by NIPA (National Information and Communication Promotion Agency)
01.Registered as foreign patient attraction business (certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare)


12.Increase of capital ($100,000)
05.K-Global Startup Contest Selection: Deep Learning-based Next-Generation Reading System


12.Selected as one of the top 300 K-Global promising companies by the Minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning
12.Venture company certification (Korea Technology Guarantee Fund)
06.K-ICT phased re-challenge project selection: hospital marketing solution using beacons
03.Attracted establishment fund by Technology Guarantee Fund


08.Started developing an image processing-based cervical cancer reading system